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Complimentary Webinars

JGA routinely conducts free webinars to share insights on issues of importance to nonprofits. Please register to join us for our upcoming webinar or listen to a recording of one of our past webinars.

Giving USA 2023: A Review of Trends in Philanthropy for 2022

We are excited to once again welcome the incredibly knowledgeable Anna Pruitt, Managing Editor of Giving USA, to lead us in a discussion of the insights and implications for nonprofits from the new release of “Giving USA 2023: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for 2022.”

Watch Now – Recorded Jun 23, 2023

You will learn:
• how donors reacted to the economic, social, and geopolitical events that dominated the headlines in 2022,
• drivers of charitable giving within each nonprofit sector,
• key opportunities and challenges for your continued philanthropic growth, and
• advice on how to use the data to inform fundraising strategies and allocate resources.

• Anna Pruitt, Ph.D., Managing Editor, Giving USA, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
• Angela E. White, CFRE, Senior Consultant and CEO, Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates

Previously Recorded Webinars

Inspiring Transformational Giving

Recorded March 21, 2023 Watch Now

Working with high net worth donors requires a relationship-based approach to fundraising. Gift officers need time to get to know the donors, uncover their passions, and help them achieve the change then want to see in the world.

Listen on demand, as we discuss:

► Questions that can prompt deeper conversations with donors;
► What motivates HNW donors to give transformational gifts – stories vs. stats;
► Key elements to help gift officers build deeper relationships with affluent donors.

Maximizing a Lean Staff for Optimal Donor Coverage

Recorded: February 2023 Watch Now

Staffing challenges are prevalent throughout nonprofits and fundraising positions are particularly challenging to fill. Many advancement departments are struggling to maintain and grow crucial donor relationships with fewer front-line fundraising staff members. If you are among those working with a lean staff, here are some strategies to help you do more with less when it comes to cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding major gift donors.

Watch this brief video to learn how to:

  • Maximize your major gift officer’s time;
  • Reallocate and optimize portfolios when you have a change in major gift officers;
  • Focus staff efforts on the most promising prospects; and
  • Pinpoint untapped potential in your donor database.

Growing the Donor Pyramid

Recorded: November 4, 2022 Watch Now

Recent trends in philanthropic giving have placed increasing emphasis on the top of the donor pyramid. But, it is important not to forget the importance of growing the middle of the gift pyramid as well.

  • How are changes in the philanthropic landscape impacting the donor gift pyramid?
  • What techniques can you use to engage more donors and grow the middle of your gift pyramid?
  • What are the giving characteristics of Gen X and Millennial donors, who are likely to comprise the middle of your gift pyramid, and how can you better engage them?


Recorded: April 21, 2022  Watch Now

A development audit is a great “barometer” to measure the capabilities of your development office and to establish goals and strategies for future success. Even the strongest development department can benefit from a check-up from time to time. This presentation will highlight key opportunities when it would be advantageous to conduct a development audit and explain how a development audit can help you raise more money now and in the future.

You’ll learn:

  • Four key indicators that you might benefit from a development audit or assessment.
  • The components of a development audit and the types of actionable deliverables you should expect.
  • Examples of peer benchmarking data and how to identify peers and accurately apply benchmarks to your organization.


Recorded: March 17, 2022  Watch Now

Several factors have converged to create an unprecedented demand for seasoned, successful fundraisers. Join us as we welcome nonprofit search expert Laurie Woodhouse with Woodhouse Executive Search to discuss what is driving this change and keys steps for nonprofits needing to fill positions and staff up in this competitive market. We’ll also explore best practices for retaining and growing existing employees in today’s dynamic workplace culture and share how to assess advancement staffing needs to ensure future fundraising success for your organization’s mission.

You’ll learn:

  • Trends impacting the Great Resignation and the effects on recruiting in the current environment;
  • Implications for nonprofit leaders hoping to attract and retain top talent; and
  • Strategies to assess and align your staff and fundraising capacity.


Recorded: February 23, 2022  Watch Now

Many organizations are considering launching a campaign in 2022. Is your organization one of them? Join JGA as we explore key characteristics of successful campaign planning and identify the elements you need to ensure are in place before launching this crucial fundraising effort. A campaign is an important investment and early preparation can maximize your success.

During the webinar, we will discuss:

  • steps to gain organizational support for your campaign vision,
  • assessing your internal infrastructure to support a campaign,
  • methods to engage volunteers,
  • key strategies to engage donors and prospects, and
  • ultimately, how you can identify if your organization is ready to launch a successful campaign effort.


Recorded: January 26, 2022  Watch Now

In today’s environment, many organizations have been responding to the immediacy of the pandemic while their long-term strategic planning has been in a holding pattern. Addressing immediate concerns has taken priority over strategic planning – and many organizations are now asking how to successfully plan in this changing environment.

Join JGA for a webinar to discuss key components of the planning process today:

  • Identify what has changed in your current environment. How do you define the “new normal”?
  • Review your current strategic plan. How can you leverage the “new normal” to align your vision and your goals?
  • Focus on flexibility. How can you incorporate multiple scenarios into your plan?
  • Engage the brightest minds. How can you expand your planning circle to engage new thinkers?