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Campaign Counsel

Campaign Counsel

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Your Guide to Achieving Campaign Success

Active campaigning is the most demanding, intensive work that your development or advancement team will ever experience. Campaign counsel is an important support to your staff and volunteers because it provides advice, guidance, and encouragement to them throughout the campaign.

JGA consultants guide your team in integrating campaign work with your ongoing development or advancement efforts. They understand where a project fits in long-term for the client, understanding that a campaign gift is but one step in a relationship with a large donor.

JGA consultants ensure that your campaign proceeds smoothly, strategically, and successfully. Because of JGA consultants’ depth of experience in representing organizations, they have an unparalleled ability to create order out of ambiguity in complex situations that often arise during large campaigns. We help your team develop a plan for informing and approaching donors about their philanthropic investment and keeping them interested in your organization long after the campaign is over. And, we will help to monitor your campaign goals and timelines and act as a prod for action when needed.