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Audits & Assessments

Audits & Assessments

A Fresh Look at Your Organization and Key Steps in Building Organizational Capacity

Download the tip sheet to learn about the valuable insights that can be found in examining and benchmarking your performance.

  • How do others see your nonprofit organization?
  • Do key volunteers, board members, staff, and donors share a common vision?
  • Is your community knowledgeable about your accomplishments?
  • How can you determine if those involved with your organization are firmly committed to its mission?
  • What are the strengths and challenges of your development program?
  • What can you do—both short-term and long-term—to increase your program’s effectiveness and maximize fundraising results?

These questions can be answered through a philanthropic assessment, organizational assessment, and/or a development audit.

A philanthropic assessment allows your organization to see itself as others do. This analysis identifies critical issues likely to help or hinder your fundraising efforts, offers an action plan for strengthening your advancement or development program, and provides a solid strategic base for timely fundraising success. When you undertake this early work, your organization will be more prepared for success from the start.

A development audit presents an objective overview of your current fundraising efforts and offers recommendations for enhancing strategies, tactics, and performance. During the audit, JGA consultants will hold discussions with your advancement or development team. Consultants will also complete a thorough quantitative analysis of internal data that examines your cost to raise a dollar, return on investment, and other benchmarks to determine how effectively your resources are being used. By keying in on strengths and challenges from the beginning, this data helps to form the basis for the development of future goals.