Board & Staff Training

  • What is my role in fundraising?
  • How can we grow our annual fundraising capacity?
  • How do I select the “right” solicitation amount?
  • What is expected of me as a board member during a campaign?
  • What are the keys to an effective board?

Throughout the course of fundraising, board and staff alike will ask questions like the ones listed above. JGA will help you answer those questions through personalized training or coaching for your board and staff.


Our extensive experience with nonprofits has reinforced our belief that staff and board must work together and in support of one another to achieve the mission. At JGA we work constructively with all leaders, consistently guiding their talent within their appropriate role.


JGA consultants offer customized solutions targeting the specific concerns, questions, and issues facing your organization – whether your board requires a simple, stand-alone session to cover the basics of the board’s role in a campaign, or a comprehensive sequence of training sessions to help your staff better understand the cultivation and solicitation process.


Through coaching sessions and retreats, we will help your organization reach greater levels of understanding, consensus, and engagement.