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Major & Planned Giving

Major & Planned Giving

Building a purposeful, organized, and ongoing program for donor cultivation and solicitation
Major and Planned Giving Plan

More and more, fundraising success relies on major and planned giving support from top donors and volunteers, which makes establishing effective strategies and tactics to work with these donors crucial.

JGA will partner with you to create a Major and Planned Giving Plan to create, implement, and/or evaluate your program based upon the specific needs of your organization. Once the plan is created, JGA will provide coaching for board, staff, and leadership volunteers based on the plan.

  • Have you defined a major gift for your organization?
  • Do you use a focused prospect management system?
  • Is budgeting for fundraising a struggle for your organization?
  • How do you measure success?

The Major and Planned Giving Plan will provide you with a clear roadmap to thoughtfully cultivate your key donors, keeping your efforts organized, focused, and moving forward in a sequential manner toward your fundraising goals.

Planned Giving Ramp-up

Planned giving opportunities encourage donors to make the gifts they always wanted to make but thought they could not. JGA will serve as your guide in launching a planned giving program, specifically to integrate planned giving into existing major gift and annual giving programs—as well as into the overall advancement marketing plan.

  • How can you identify audiences for planned giving?
  • What are some appropriate strategies for your prospect base?
  • What is the best way to measure the success of the program?

The Planned Giving Ramp-up will provide all the tools to effectively create and launch a planned giving program in your organization. The program will offer opportunities for donors to contribute in a way that may not have been obvious in the past.

Planned Giving Tune-up

Is your planned giving program as strong as it could be? It takes a consistent focus to build good awareness, and often planned giving programs are not as visible or focused as other areas of advancement—and could benefit greatly from more attention.

JGA will evaluate your planned giving program and help to determine if the program is maximizing its potential and to determine what, if any, opportunities are being missed. Taking stock of your planned giving program is becoming increasingly important as the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers reach retirement age and beyond.

  • How can your organization better integrate planned giving into existing major gift and annual giving programs?
  • What are some appropriate strategies for your prospect base?
  • How can you project future benefit to the organization of previously documented planned gift expectancies?
  • Do we need to update your gift acceptance policies to be compliant?

The Planned Giving Tune-up will assess your planned giving efforts and identify ways to refresh your program to be better integrated into your major and annual giving programs and generally increase in effectiveness.