Acuity® is a NEW and INNOVATIVE proprietary scoring system developed by JGA that teams with DonorSearch to forecast donor potential and focus your advancement efforts. JGA integrates your donor financial data with the historical engagement data of your donors and then applies decades of professional insight to structure an efficient segmentation plan. We coach your team to put the data to use to produce more efficient, productive and successful donor solicitations.

“Acuity provided a level of intelligence that we could quickly implement and allowed us to uncover new prospects in our database that weren’t on our radar. We are already in conversations with new major and lead gift donors we wouldn’t have been having without Acuity.”

Matt Wahrhaftig, Vice President for College Advancement, Wilmington College

How Acuity Works

Building on DonorSearch’s electronic wealth screening data, Acuity allows you to take a deeper look at your donors and get a clearer picture of their gift potential and passion for your organization. It’s a quantitative approach that is data-led and adds an engagement filter that makes the data more actionable and helps your solicitation efforts be more successful.

How do we measure engagement? JGA looks at demonstrated donor engagement activities like volunteering, serving on committees, attending events, etc. These behaviors increase an emotional connection to your organization, which increases the propensity of donating. We’ll then overlay these engagement factors with the wealth data and help you fine tune and implement it faster than traditional wealth screening alone.

How Acuity Benefits You

What makes Acuity so effective is that it’s more than technology– bundled with JGA’s expertise, the data becomes actionable intelligence. JGA’s experienced analysis helps you develop a deeper understanding of the capacity and passion your donors have to support your organization.

“We have a small team and are busy wrapping up a campaign, with Acuity we were able to streamline our prospect research and quickly see which donors and prospects have a connection to Damar and have the capacity to make major gifts. JGA’s recommendations will help us take that next step with the data and get in front of the right people, focusing our limited resources on our best prospects.”

Ken File, President, Damar Foundation

Acuity clients receive:

• Streamlined intelligence identifying immediate action steps for your gift officers

• A dashboard providing easy-to-read intelligence summarizing your Acuity results

• Complete Acuity results for all records identified in the process

• Detailed findings from the capacity analysis and JGA’s recommendations regarding next steps

• A briefing on the findings, cultivation and giving projections, and potential ROI to your leadership and board, if desired

Acuity can transform the way your organization thinks about prospective donors by getting gift officers in front of your best prospects sooner.

Acuity enables you to:

• Streamline your data and better segment your donor base more efficiently

• Align your staff resources quickly to cover your best donor prospects earlier

• Deepen relationships with major donors

• Run more efficient fundraising campaigns

• Raise more money

• Cross-segment your constituents to personalize engagement outside of fundraising

• Give your leadership more confidence in development outcomes

Ready to See a Clearer Picture?

We’d love to sit down and discuss your needs and how Acuity can help move you closer to your goals—or even set new, more ambitious ones. Contact Andy Canada, Senior Consultant and Director of Data Analytics, at 317.215.2400 or to schedule a meeting to learn more about the unique benefits of Acuity.