Overhead and Mission Effectiveness: How are these themes connected?

Overhead and Mission Effectiveness: How are these themes connected?

October 10th, 2012

by Angela White


Dan Pallotta, who is coming to Indianapolis on November 15th to speak at Indiana Philanthropy Day, believes that nonprofits are held to such low overhead cost restrictions by donors that they cannot even maintain the status quo, let alone solve the tremendous social problems that they set out to solve.

Pallotta asserts that nonprofits must rise up and challenge the misperceptions about overhead and make the case that investment in the growth of the nonprofit sector will result in missions being accomplished with greater impact and success. You can read Dan’s full article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Dan and a group of other nonprofit leaders have created the Charity Defense Council to “transform the way the donating public conceives of nonprofits and of our potential to do what it is they really want nonprofits to do: to change the world.” 

You have the opportunity to hear Dan’s provocative message first hand on November 15th if you register for Indiana Philanthropy Day.  JGA is a proud sponsor of this conference and of the celebration of National Philanthropy Day.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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