Four Steps to Improve Your Nonprofit Blog

Four Steps to Improve Your Nonprofit Blog

February 24th, 2011

by Meg Gammage-Tucker 


Both for-profits and nonprofits alike find blogs a useful way to communicate with their constituencies.  And, while most people gauge the effectiveness and popularity of their blog by the number of readers or comments—the majority are not satisfied with the response they receive.  It’s very easy to become discouraged.

So, how does the average, everyday blogger increase the number of people who read their blogs?  

Here are four easy steps:

Pick a topic to blog about that other people care about. Write what people want to read, not necessarily what you want to write about. You have to have a new angle, a new twist, new information, or a different way of engaging readers (and—note—a good blog should be interesting to all types of people, not just your organization’s faithful).

Use social media to encourage them to become faithful readers of your blog.  Bloggers are media savvy. Use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to promote and distribute your blog. After your blog is written, tweet about it, post a summary on Facebook, and—if you really want to be creative—video a discussion about your topic and post it on YouTube.  Use social media to solicit interest, information, and critiques.  Ask for comments and questions.

Find a way to tie your blog topic to a current event. This may mean that you have to tweak the focus of your original blog, but the closer you can relate your topic to a current event the more exposure you can generate for your blog.

Find a topic with lots of connections to other articles.  Link your blog to other articles by simply doing an internet search for the topic. The major news related articles that you find, from CNN for instance, typically have a comment area at the conclusion of the article. Make a relevant comment and direct people to a link to your blog for more information. Your local news websites also have comment areas, do the same here.

What nonprofits do is so important. Everyone needs to know about  your wonderful services and how you make the world a better place.  A blog is a great place to tell your story, your way.

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