More Insights on Millennial Donors Coming Soon

More Insights on Millennial Donors Coming Soon

January 20th, 2011

by Ted Grossnickle


I am excited to report that JGA is once again partnering with Achieve to conduct a research study that will help improve or understanding of how non profits can best work with Millennials. 

The 2011 Millennial Donors Study is already well underway.  We have selected several research partners including higher education institutions, private schools, and arts and community organizations with national and regional constituents to assess the perceptions, attitudes and preferences of young donors age 20 – 35.

The study, scheduled for release in April 2011, will shed light on how to engage young donors including the effective use of text campaigns, email communication and peer fundraising and how and why Millennials decide to give or not to give.

This year in addition to distributing the survey through our research partners, we are seeking additional participation from the general public in completing the survey.  We are reaching out through nonprofit media and blogs to help spread the news with posts like the one appearing this week on the Social Citizens blog of the CASE Foundation.

If you are a Millennial, age 20 – 35, we encourage you to complete the survey and help us increase our understanding of this emerging generation of donors.

I’m proud of the work JGA and Achieve have done so far to increase the philanthropic industry’s understanding of Millennial Donors.  In 2011, we will not only add to the body of knowledge on Millennial Donors, but also introduce new avenues for additional exploration, thought leadership and discussion of the topic.  Stay tuned to more information on how you can participate in the discussion this spring.

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