Pre-campaign Planning & Development

Pre-Campaign Planning & Case Statement Development

The Roadmap for Success


Pre-campaign planning readies your organization to answer the numerous questions your donors and your community will have about the campaign and your organization’s future plans.


Questions include:

  • How do you best articulate your value to prospective donors and the community at-large?
  • How does your organization need to sequence campaign communications?


During this phase, JGA works closely with you to develop a strategy that meets the needs of your organization’s unique circumstances. JGA works with you to identify the key factors that must be considered in designing your preliminary campaign plan and feasibility study.


Our team can also help you develop a preliminary case statement, a written document that articulates the reasons your organization deserves the support of donors. This brief, easy-to-read document is aimed at the heart and head of the potential donor. Based on planning documents and interviews with key personnel, this document presents the facts and figures that show the organization to be a sound investment. Finally, a preliminary case statement serves as a draft that, through input and suggestions gleaned from interviews, can be further molded and improved.


JGA Tip Sheet “Campaign Prep – Set the Stage for Successtips on what you can do now to begin preparing for a campaign


JGA Tip Sheet “Getting the Board on Board- Campaign Preptips to help prepare your board for a campaign