The Case Statement is Crucial for Fundraising Success

The Case Statement is Crucial for Fundraising Success

April 17th, 2012

by Kris Kindelsperger


In 2012 there are many new and interesting ways to deliver content about your campaign, but the Case Statement for Support remains a staple of campaign fundraising.  The premise is simple.


A good case has a few key elements:

  • It briefly puts the needs of the institution in perspective of the history and mission of the organization.
  • It paints a picture of the vision for the future of where your organization is headed, its dreams and ambitions.
  • It clearly outlines what needs to happen to reach that dream or fulfill the mission and what kind of investment is required.
  • Last it explains how your organization will be changed by a successful campaign, and the role donor support plays in that change.

    So what are the issues that organizations struggle with in creating a case statement?

    Are you ready to put this in writing?

    Case statement writing sometimes reveals inadequate planning or lack of readiness on the part of the organization.  If you can’t clearly explain your needs in writing, tell people how much it will cost, and why this is important; why would donors have the confidence to invest in your organization?


    Keep it simple.

    Too many organizations pack too much in the case to the point that the reader misses the point.


    It’s boring.

    Just because you need 10,000 more square feet of space, it doesn’t make automatically make for a compelling case to others.  You need to tell an interesting story about how more room will impact the lives of your constituents, strengthen your program, etc.


    It’s too long.

    You may think it takes 1000 words to explain one component, but it really doesn’t.


    A strong case statement for support continues to be the bedrock on which the messaging for your campaign must be based.  Content trumps delivery every time.


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