Maintain Donor Relationships In Down Economy

Maintain Donor Relationships In Down Economy

August 11th, 2011

by Andy Canada


So who is tired of hearing about credit ratings, a possible double dip recession and an up and down (mainly down) stock market?

It has certainly been a really interesting and unsettling few days in the financial markets. The recent news is coming on top of a slower than expected economic recovery and will most likely allow the seed of uncertainty to grow in your donors’ minds.  

So how will you and your organization deal with these ever changing times?

It is hard and most likely impossible to predict when the economy will improve, but you and your organization need to stay on course and continue executing your plan of action.

Stay in communication with your donors and continue telling your story. The recent economic news might make people slow down their gift decisions or make smaller gifts, but your donors will still want to hear from you and stay connected to the mission of the organization.

During the last economic slow-down, the non-profits that stayed in contact and maintained close relationships with their donors came out with stronger relationship and more loyal donors.

We don’t know what the recent events will bring or how long this uncertainty will last but we feel that the same principals will apply and that the time you spend with your donor base will have a long lasting impact on your organization.

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