MDS11 Broke New Ground and Rocked the Twittersphere

MDS11 Broke New Ground and Rocked the Twittersphere

June 23rd, 2011

by Ted Grossnickle


The Millennial Donor Summit (MDS11) has just concluded and what a fantastic day it has been.

Hundreds of participants, wonderful partners and sponsors and stimulating speakers combined to create an energy and dynamism around the topic of engaging Millennials which I modestly would suggest has never occurred nationally – until now.

The twittersphere was alive with tweets about #millennialdonors and #MDS11. It is estimated in excess of 400,000 twitter message impressions were shared today about this event.

More importantly, there was sharing of ideas and expertise between people who are both knowledgeable and passionate about making good things happen for people around the world— and harnessing the volunteerism and philanthropy of people between the ages of 20 and 35.

To quote Henry Ford: “we have seen the future and it works.”

Today’s event was also notable for another reason. The teams at JGA and Achieve started the day at “a run” and didn’t slow down until the virtual summit hall closed at 6pm EST. And despite- or perhaps because of this- a sense of fun and inspiration pervaded the team and made the day fly by.

We know there are good lessons here for us if we turn out to be smart enough to pay attention to them…

To each of you who participated, we thank you!

For those of you who missed the day, you can still see the speakers and other aspects of the day at a bargain price by visiting and following the instructions to access all of the archived presentations, chat and exhibitor materials.

We extend special thanks to the Case Foundation who were terrific sponsors and partners!  And, also a heartfelt thanks to those that helped us spread the word about this thought-provoking day – AFP, NTEN, The Chronicle on Philanthropy. 

To learn more about what was covered, scan the coverage of  our official blogger correspondents Katya Andresen, Amy Sample Ward, Kivi Leroux Miller, Beth Kanter and Nathan Hand.

Have a great summer!!

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