Study on Engaging Millennial Donors Resonates

Study on Engaging Millennial Donors Resonates

October 13th, 2010

By Ted Grossnickle

Back in April of this year (wow, it’s been six months now) JGA and Achieve, LLC announced results of the Millennial Donor Study — and the response to that donor research since then has been unlike anything either firm has seen.

Perhaps we should not be surprised given the topic and interest in philanthropy around the nation in this millennium! Since April there have been more than twenty blog postings about the study results — and those are only the ones we’ve managed to catch.

What surprises me is the continuing circulation of the research even now. There are recent comments regarding the applicability of it to fundraising by national political parties in this midterm election season and a posting this past week on the Social Edge blog forum from the Skoll Foundation – affiliated with the founder of eBay- about the importance of young donor engagement for social entrepreneurs.

At this rate, I expect the results of our research to show up in Christmas cards!!

We believe it is time to seriously rethink our perceptions about younger people in philanthropy and volunteerism.

For too many years, there has been the assumption that “they’re too busy,” or “they don’t have resources yet,” or “they’re just not interested,” or – perhaps worst- “we can’t expect them to engage with causes the way everyone else does.”

All of these are pretty much incorrect — at least according to our research ( and to the many people who have followed our Study.

I can tell you this — there is more to come. JGA and Achieve are partnering to conduct a second round of nonprofit research in this area and you can expect more results during the spring of 2011. 

Want to be a part of the next Millenial Donors study?  We are in search of 10 institutions to participate in the study of young donor attitudes and engagement trends.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Joanna Nixon at Achieve or download the Request for Interest application.

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