Donor Survey Provides Insights on Philanthropy

Donor Survey Provides Insights on Philanthropy

August 18th, 2010

by Angela E. White

Want to know what 15,000 donors said could influence them to be more generous in 2010 than they had originally planned?

Want to know how these donors are feeling about the recession and its impact on their philanthropy?

Want to know if direct mail campaigns are dead?

These are just a few of the questions addressed in the latest research released by Penelope Burk, President of Cygnus Applied Research, Inc., in her new study The Cygnus Donor Survey … Where Philanthropy is Headed in 2010.  

You can review an executive summary and purchase the full report at  As always, Penelope provides us with very interesting and helpful information to set the stage for our work.

For example, her research shows that the impact of the recession on philanthropy seems to be moderating; however, among the top 10% of select donors, 17% said that they would give less in 2010.

We know that a decrease in giving from our most generous donors has a large impact on our overall fundraising success and thus may indicate that we will not see our total giving bounce back right away.

Now that we are 7 months through the year, how do your philanthropic results compare to last year? Review Penelope Burk’s latest research and see how you compare to national donor trends.

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