Affirmative Ideas and their Positive Impact

Affirmative Ideas and their Positive Impact

August 9th, 2010

by Meg Gammage-Tucker

We all get in such a hurry these days that we often forget to take that all important step back and think about how we affect the multitudes of other people whose lives we touch each and every day.  You would think that in this business of philanthropy—which literally means for the love of mankind—that we would take that time and assess our impact a bit more often….but alas, we so very often do not.

Several events of this week have encouraged me to think about the impact that my actions have on the lives of others.  Most are personal and not interesting to many of you.  Two have been very public and deserve a broader audience’s attention. 

The first is a story that was on this morning’s news about an organization named Operation Beautiful, founded by 24-year old blogger Caitlin Boyle.  The organization’s whole purpose is to eliminate “fat-talk” and negative self-imaging.  It’s done one post-it note at a time.  The founder simply asks that you place positive self-image messages in random locations to make others feel better about themselves.  Simple kindness—what a concept!  And all accomplished by writing a random note and leaving it somewhere—for a specific person or for anyone who just passes by and needs to feel better about themselves and this world that we all live in.

The second event was attending the premiere of Rob Reiner’s latest movie, Flipped, in Indianapolis.  The event was coordinated by Heartland Truly Moving Pictures , an Indiana-based nonprofit “dedicated to recognizing and honoring filmmakers whose work explores the human journey by artistically expressing hope and respect for positive values of life.”  Flipped certainly deserved an award for its life affirming values as it reminds us that  focusing on negative perceptions only serves to undermine some of what can be life’s most positive and enjoyable moments and opportunities.  Kudos to Heartland (and all its staff and supporters) and Mr. Reiner (and his cast and crew) for holding on to those values and reminding us of their importance. 

Hopefully, as I was this week, a few others have been reminded of the positive impact a few affirming words and/or ideas can have on the lives of others they touch…

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