A Double Dip for the Summer?

A Double Dip for the Summer?

July 27th, 2010

by Kris Kindelsperger

A Double Dip for the Summer?

In my last blog I wrote about the impact of what some have called the loss of “psychological wealth.”  I described how donors a year and a half ago had described despair which was followed by concern and with the relative recovery in the market had moved to cautious optimism about their philanthropy this spring.  A new factor appears to have emerged this summer; the fears of a double dip in the recession.  I spoke to a small business owner who is heavily dependent on the construction field.  He told me about the apparent upswing in his business this spring which has for all intensive purposes evaporated this summer due to concerns about both the slowness of the economic recovery and the potential for another down turn. 

So add “double dip psychosis” to the lexicon of philanthropy.  Will there be a genuine worsening of the recession that will qualify in the language of economists as a double dip or will double dip be confined to your order request at the ice cream parlor?  What’s your opinion?  

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