Philanthropy = The Love of Humankind

Philanthropy = The Love of Humankind

July 2nd, 2010

by Angela White

Philanthropy  =  The Love of Humankind

We know the general definition of philanthropy as the love of humankind.  I recently read a story that brought this definition to life for me.  ESPN’s award-winning reporter, Rick Reilly, featured this story in his column For the Love of the Game on May 25, 2010.  And, amazingly enough, this story is about a high school that is located just 3 short blocks from my house. The story is about the junior varsity softball team of Roncalli High School in a game vs. inner city Marshall Community High School.  What happened during this game was truly philanthropy in action – a group of young women who made the decision to be philanthropic leaders on the softball field.   To quote Rick Reilly, “Yes, a team that hadn’t lost a game in 2½ years, a team that was going to win in a landslide purposely offered to declare defeat. Why?  Because Roncalli wanted to spend the two hours teaching the Marshall girls how to get better, not how to get humiliated.”  I encourage you to read the entire article at and to think about the powerful lessons learned on this softball field and how they can apply to our work in philanthropy.

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