The MacMillan Matrix

The MacMillan Matrix

February 19th, 2010

by Angela E. White

I recently studied the MacMillan Matrix for Competitive Analysis, thanks to Carolyn Dederer, Executive Director of Day Nursery Association. Carolyn brought this tool to my attention, and I would encourage you to review it as well.

The MacMillan Matrix is a tool that is especially designed for nonprofits to assess their programs against trends of increasing demand for smaller resources, to avoid duplicating services, and to increase collaboration. 

The MacMillan Matrix helps nonprofits assess each current or prospective program based upon four key criteria: fit, program attractiveness, alternative coverage, and competitive position.  Click here to learn more about the MacMillan Matrix or search “MacMillan Matrix” online for additional resources.

Let Angela know how helpful the MacMillan Matrix is for your organization and share your results by posting in the JGA comments section below.

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