Schedule time to think

Schedule time to think

September 3rd, 2009

by Angela White

Make an appointment with yourself. Block out time on your calendar. The adages go on and on but you get the point – remember to hold open time on your calendar.

At JGA, we often talk about holding some time on the calendar to think. Yes, think. Think about our clients’ needs now and into the future. Somehow, in today’s society, it seems that scheduling time to think is not valued. When you sit at your desk or on the back porch or in a coffee shop and are not busily connecting via your SmartPhone or typing on your laptop, you run of the risk of appearing lazy. After all, who has the luxury to just sit and think?

I admit (as you might guess from my previous blog on emailing!) that I struggle with allowing myself ample time to think beyond the daily demands of clients and family. However, I have come to value my time to think strategically about the future. So, I have gotten better about carving out time to think and to reflect beyond the tasks of the week. As summer comes to an end, I encourage you to schedule some time on your calendar to think. And, if you are lucky, you might find that time to think while floating on a raft down a quiet stream or taking a walk along the beach!

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